Erasmus internship

Erasmus Internship is possible, but if there is no existing agreement between the institutions, it must be signed. Organising an Erasmus Internship can be more administrative demanding than study exchange. Ask your local Erasmus coordinator.

Erasmus internship in the psychological laboratory  LABELS

The candidate must have a very good knowledge of English language (B2 minimum, C1 optimal) and almost one of following skills:
– elementary programming skills, especially in Perl or Python
– experiences in preparing experiments in PsychoPy, DmDX or other systems (E-prime, Presentation – you would need to learn some PsychoPy or DmDx here)
– data processing and analysis skills, especially using R
– artistic skills, drawing, painting, ideally combined with computer graphics skills: this would be used for the preparation of stimulus pictures or videos for our studies according to the specifications
– experiences with research and research literature in the following fields: psycholinguistics (morphological priming, structural priming, language acquisition research), visual attention (e. g. multiple object tracking). You would help in reviewing literature and preparing excerpts from existing papers on a given topic.

Candidates send your CV and motivation letter to

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