doc. PhDr. Ilona Gillernová, CSc.

doc. PhDr. Ilona Gillernová, CSc.

Konzultační hodiny

Katedra psychologie
Celetná 16 - STOCKHAUS
Místnost č. 153D

born in 1955, graduated Pychology and Pedagogy in 1979 at Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, Candidate of Psychological Science, Faculty of Arts, 1990; habilitation, 2009.

Overview compulsory subjects:
Scientific Research Propedeutics
Basics of Educational Psychology
Psychology of Communication
Theoretical and Methodological Introduction to the Thesis
Bachelor’s Thesis Seminar

Diploma Theses Seminar
Specialized Seminar

Social Skills of Teachers
Psychology in the Investigation of Violent Crime

Teacher Training for Secondary Schools:
Introduction to Psychology for Teachers
Psychology for teachers II
Psychology Didactics
Casuistic Seminar – Psychology


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