On-line course of Czech language

Basic information
Term: Winter semester: 21 September 2020 – 11 December 2020 (enrolment until 21 August 2020)

Schedule: Every day from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (time zone UTC+2, from 25 October 2020 UTC+1)

Course location: Online (combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning); Conferencing system: zoom + moodle

Price: CZK 30,000 (payment until 21 August 2020)

Language level: Beginner (A1), Low intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1)

Student groups: A maximum of 15 students in a group (separation into groups is based on an online placement test and an online interview)

More information to be find here: https://czechstudies.ff.cuni.cz/en/online-semestral-course/about-the-course/

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