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The gymnasium New PORG (located in Prague 4 Krc) is looking for a new teacher for the subject taught IB Psychology within the international program International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, in which students have the opportunity to enter the last two years of studies and after graduating successfully obtain International Baccalaureate. It is a very demanding program, which places great emphasis on knowledge and individual work. The students themselves choose items that will study and sit exams of them (there must be 6). Students in individual subjects chosen difficulty level (perhaps lower and higher level). The program usually entering students who are preparing for future studies at foreign universities. This globally recognized program at our school provide a relatively short time (we currently have 2 years of graduates), but we are with him great experience. Right in the first year our students have achieved historically best IB results in the Czech Republic (compared to the internat. schools that offer the program more) in the next year is even a little better. Endure even in international comparison, the results of our students highly exceeded the global average.
We are looking for an enthusiastic person who will want to work with talented and motivated (psychology is an elective course that students choose from several social sciences) students and introduce them to the field of Psychology. The time for this object is 10 hours per week (5 hrs. in septima, 5 in octave), the current is distributed to teach three days a week. A variant is also taking over only one of the study groups, in which case the time 5 hrs. per week. Essential is an excellent knowledge of English, all lessons are taught in English, students also handle all the work in English only. Language level of our students in this age usually at C1. We offer interesting work with students convenient, long-term cooperation, a very decent salary, and of course ensuring certification training for IB teaching. Further details happy to provide during a personal meeting.
 Zuzana Urbánková
HR Manažer 
PORG – gymnázium a základní škola, o. p. s.
Lindnerova 3
180 00 Praha 8 – Libeň
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